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Sexual assault and sexual abuse are difficult subjects to talk about. For those who are victims and survivors of sexual assault, healing and moving past the trauma into a sense of strength and well being can depend on the freedom to speak, in open and honest communication with others, and to be heard, believed, and supported.

Emotional injury is a major part of sexual assault and requires special attention to heal, just as the physical health needs attention to heal. Talking to a knowledgeable and sensitive counselor who knows the trauma of sexual assault and understands the challenges of recovery can help you deal with feelings, make decisions, and get your life back on track. The recovery from sexual assault can be immense. The journey to heal may be frightening and uncomfortable; the steps, long and wearisome. Through building bridges of awareness and empowerment, woman and men who have experienced sexual violence can encounter being heard and begin to heal.

The journey to recovery often starts with awareness and understanding. Awareness and understanding not only of what sexual violence is, but its effects and impacts on many areas (spirit, soul, emotions, feelings, psyche, body) of the person. Sexual violence may have the roots of power, control, and fear, but through support, encouragement, and nurturing empowerment can develop and grow. It is amazing the strength and empowerment survivors develop and build with support and encouragement.

Each sexual assault is unique. Sexual assault is an intrusive act upon one's physical and sexual boundaries. Therefore, any sexual contact without consent is sexual assault.

Counseling Services Offered

Arise offers individual and group counseling provided by master's level therapists. The counseling staff provides services with their expertise based on education, training, and especially on learning from their work with other survivors. Arise counseling is committed to services, a knowledgeable and caring staff, and a respectful environment that honors confidentiality and privacy. Counselors focus specifically on sexual trauma issues and work with the many areas of life in which sexual trauma can have an impact.

Individual Counseling

Counseling is a collaborative effort between the therapist and the client. Client and therapist work together to determine the client's specific treatment goals. Our therapists provide services in a supportive, respectful, and sensitive manner based on a philosophy that emphasizes client self-empowerment and dignity.

Group Counseling

Survivors of sexual assault or abuse often find it helpful to join a support group. Research has shown that group counseling is one of the most effective ways to work through issues surrounding sexual assault and sexual abuse. Groups provide a confidential and supportive environment for members as they seek to identify the areas of their lives that have been affected by a sexual assault, regardless of time elapsed. These groups are intended to help survivors gain further knowledge and understanding of the effects of sexual assault in their lives and to find support in a safe confidential environment.

All services at the Arise are free of charge. If you have been sexually assaulted or abused, you have the right to respectful and confidential care. For more information about counseling services or to schedule an appointment, please call 575.226.7263 or email

It does not matter how long ago the violation occurred. The abuse/assault may have been recent or may have occurred in the distant past. We know that survivors of sexual violations often feel the effects of the violations for an extended period of time afterwards. We do not limit how long after an assault a survivor may request services.


If you are interested in individual or group therapy at Arise please call 575. 226.7263 or email to request or schedule an appointment.

Important Things to Remember

It is important that you take care of yourself following a sexual assault. Listed below are some important things for taking care of yourself.

  • Seek support of family, friends, teachers, therapists, hotlines, anyone that you feel that you can trust when you need it. You are not alone.
  • Eat healthy food and get exercise. This will help you keep up your strength and is a good way to help your body process what has happened.
  • Be patient with yourself. Your recovery will take time.
  • Do things that you enjoy. This might be the things that you have always done to relax, or finding something new.
  • Be familiar with your resources.
  • Trust and believe in yourself.

Support Group for Survivors

These groups provide a safe place for survivors to discuss the impact of sexual trauma on their lives. It will help survivors support one another while also gaining important information and tools for ongoing self- care.

Discussion topics include:

  • Emotional Reactions to Trauma
  • How Trauma Affects Relationships
  • Safety and Trust of Self
  • Grief and Loss
  • Trauma's Effect on the Brain
  • Feelings, Self-Care and Coping
  • Managing Strong Emotions
  • Relationships With Support People
  • Body Image and Awareness
  • Sexuality and Intimacy

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Sexual Assault Support For Survivors

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